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Temperament Assessments

We offer Temperament Assessments for Rottweilers at our Championship Shows and for all breeds of dog at our Open Shows. 


Originally designed and implemented by Mike Mullens and continued and refined by the current B.R.A team (which includes trainers, behaviourists and working dog specialists).   


The tests are designed to evaluate a dog's behaviour, personality, and overall temperament. These assessments can be helpful for various purposes, including selecting a suitable companion, identifying potential working or service dogs, and understanding a dog's behavior in different situations. There are several methods and assessments commonly used to evaluate a dog's temperament. 

Primarily our test evaluates a dog's temperament and its reactions to different situations, including social interactions, auditory and visual stimuli, and unexpected events.

On successful completion of the test - you are awarded a certificate. When you achieve three certificates under three different examiners you are awarded your Certificate of Excellence.

Our examiners are sourced throughout the dog training and behaviour disciplines. This includes members of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association and the Guild of Dog Trainers and The Dog Safety Education Executive We also try wherever possible to provide Breed Specialist Assessors. Those are people who have achieved success with Rottweilers on the working field and have owned the breed for many years in addition to other formal qualifications. 

You can enter your dog for an assessment on the day of the show.  


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