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Welcome to the B.R.A

Celebrating Over 50 Years of Excellence
In Society - On the Working Field - In the Breed Ring  

Established in 1971, the British Rottweiler Association has proudly served as a beacon of excellence in Rottweiler ownership, training and care for over five decades. Our journey began with the publication of our inaugural newsletter in May 1971. In 2021, we joyously marked our Golden Anniversary.

Our core mission is simple: to promote excellence in every facet of Rottweiler ownership. Guided by a passionate and dedicated team, we are unwavering in our commitment to safeguard the integrity and well-being of this wonderful breed.

In addition to organising Open and Championship breed shows, we are committed to education which is evident through our obedience training classes, temperament assessments, and working dog tests. These events showcase the versatility and exceptional qualities of the Rottweiler.

Many of our events feature temperament assessments, providing a holistic view of  your Rottweiler. Alongside Competitive Obedience and Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Tests.

We extend a warm welcome to potential new owners, offering guidance and assistance to navigate the rewarding journey of Rottweiler ownership. This is most certainly not the breed for everyone and so for those facing challenges, our team are eager to provide support and solutions, reinforcing our commitment to the well-being of both you and your Rottweiler.

During and beyond our events, we actively support charities such as Rottweiler Welfare and Rottweilers In Need. Our yearly donations, coupled with inviting these organisations to attend our events, contribute to their fundraising efforts and amplify our collective impact within the community.

The British Rottweiler Association remains steadfast in its dedication to the promotion of responsible ownership, the celebration of the Rottweiler breed, and the support to those who, like us, cherish these wonderful dogs.

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